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Alternative Healthcare Services, Inc. prides itself in offering you with professional, qualified and dedicated personnel available to provide clients with good quality care in the healthcare services. We offer Home Health Skilled Nursing, Temporary Nurse Staffing, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and 24/7 On-Call Services.

About Us

Alternative Healthcare Services, Inc. is located in Towson, Maryland. We are a home health skilled nursing, temporary nurse staffing agency and non-emergency medical transportation provider in one. Our company exists to address the need for careful and quality staffing selection, and placement for nurses. We provide safe and secure medical transport as well.

Goals & Responsibilities

Alternative Healthcare Services, Inc. is centered around the following:

1.) Excellent Quality Management
2.) Responsibility
3.) Accountability

Elements of Quality Management of Services

A.) Staff Selection – Through the adherence of the high standard hiring procedure
B.) Continuing Education – Regular trainings and seminars through continuing education programs
C.) Nurse Evaluations – Done on a yearly basis
D.) Overall Agency Performance Evaluation – This will be done yearly by our client facilities


Alternative Healthcare Services, Inc. is committed to the following:

1.) We conduct our business activities strictly in accordance with laws and good morals.
2.) We follow a screening process and formal testing using professionally prepared tests.
3.) We assure you of prompt attention in meeting all of your staffing needs.
4.) Our personnel files meet J.C.A.H. Standards.
5.) At no cost to you, we send our nursing personnel for an orientation if requested by the client facility.
6.) Yearly performance evaluations are conducted by our director, on all our nursing personnel.
7.) Yearly assurance evaluations are conducted on the overall performance of our nursing service to evaluate our capacity to meet the individual needs of our client hospitals.
8.) Our standards of nursing care are based on a program of competence, social awareness, personal dedication and professional integrity.
9.) Our office is open for your inspection and review.
10.) All personnel will comply and understand HIPAA, Alternative Healthcare Services, Inc. will give an orientation of HIPAA training basic outline.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

Alternative Healthcare Services, Inc. is an equal service provider. We do not turn away our services or deprive of them anyone on the basis of gender, origin, color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or creed. If you need our services as a staffing agency or medical transportation provider, you will be accommodated accordingly.

Full Employer Responsibilities

As the employer of Nurses, we are responsible for your payroll fee unemployment insurance. We cover all our nurses with professional (malpractice), general liability and workmen’s compensation insurance.

To know more of what we can offer, please go to our Services page by clicking here. If you have questions or concerns, you may call us at our office by dialing 410-769-8094.

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